Coming Soon

My anticipated blogging playgrounds for the next couple of months:

(If you want me to add your trail, event, adventure, town, guesthouse or charity to the list, get in touch here, personalized conditions will apply)

Please take note that due to the Covid-19 lockdown and travel restrictions the predicted dates below are rough estimates only.

  • Mafadi (The highest peak in South Africa) speed summit still to be done, possibly late 2020.  The weather has had the upper hand on us during our last couple of visits there.  We won’t risk a speed attempt in foul weather or with under par fitness.
  • Episodes on Golden Gate from mid-July 2020
  • Episodes on Drakensberg trip from mid-August 2020
  • Chasing snow in Lesotho (Weather dependent)
  • Skyrun in November 2020