Table Mountain Airport Rush

Days like this, phew…
Wake up late,
Rush to airport,
Truck crash on highway, highway closed,
A bit of a blur, F1 style,
Run to terminal, just in time,
Fly to Capetown,
Check emails, not, windows update 2 hours, worst timing,
Uber to client, laptop can’t close,
Rush to chambers,
Meeting takes 2 hours longer,
Run up Tablemountain, sub 1 hour,
Photos with Ausies,
No time for tech run down, flight to catch
Cablecar ticket down, R130, only R90 on me,
Beg money from the queue, foreigners help,
Run some more pb’s,
Flight at 7, leave Capetown after 6,
2 crashes en-route, uber driver an ex-navy submarines guy, drives within rules,
Arrive 6:40 something
Sprint to security check,
Security ask about apples, its not a bomb,
Furthest terminal, run, almost dive, made it,
Back to Jhb,
Back to Pta

Cause we are not alive to waste time!

Live a little,